Vision and mission


Green Building Council was established in 2010 as a Danish council for sustainability in the building industry. The goal of the organization is to improve sustainability in building activities as well as in the surrounding environment by spreading the Danish DGNB-certification arrangement. With focus on environment, economy as well as social relations, DGNB wishes to boost a coherent approach to building activity and urban areas.


  • To expand sustainability in the building industry and hereby support the green change in Denmark.
  • To create a base for the Danish building industry to be the leader within sustainable building industries on the international market.
  • To make standards within sustainable building activities both nationally and internationally.
  • To create an environment that makes it possible for people and the planet to thrive by:
    • Adjust to climate changes
    • Eliminate trash and maximize resource efficiency
    • Replace and restore the nature and improve biodiversity
    • Optimize health and thrive for people
    • Keep long term value for the society and improve of life quality


Improve sustainability within building activities and the surrounding environment by:

  • Creating realization and change of opinion with the management in companies and organizations who feed sustainable choices.
  • Creating value with DGNB as a part of improving sustainable building activities in process, design, maintenance and health. Both new buildings and renovations.
  • Increasing the level of ambition for sustainable building activities and hereby create a political pressure and on this basis affect the legislation.

What We Do

For the society

We support the green reorganization in Denmark by being in a dialogue with politicians and public servants to increase the level of ambition in the legislation in a direction against a more progressive building policy in relation to sustainability in buildings and the surrounding environment.

For the building industry

We inspire, challenge and strengthen our members and help them identify and choose the most sustainable and vigorous solutions. We also engage our members in poke the government in order to affect the green building policy in a more ambitious direction. 

For our members

We support our members in encouraging the realization with the management in companies and organizations who feeds sustainable choices. We procure knowledge, arrange courses and events about sustainability and educate counselors and auditors in the sustainability certification DGNB Denmark which is administrated by our sister company