DGNB in Denmark


The first Danish version of DGNB certification was launched in Spring 2012. The Danish version is a result of a large voluntary effort from experts in the field and organizations related to the building industry.

The German criteria have been adapted and reviewed to fit the Danish standards, law and in practice.

Today we are able to DGNB certify all buildings and urban areas. Today there are 47 certified building activities in Denmark.

Green Building Council Denmark was founded in 2010 as a Danish council for sustainability in the building industry.


The choice between the different types of certifications

To develop a common understanding in the industry of what sustainability is and how to make it measurable, a group of experts from the building industry gathered to complete a comparison of the four leading international sustainability standards (BREEAM, LEED, HOE and DGNB).

DGNB showed itself to be innovative and partly secure of future. With a focus on total economy, DGNB did furthermore well by being a sustainability certification instead of an environmental certification.

On that basis, the choice landed on the German sustainability certification, DGNB, and in spring 2012 the first Danish version of the DGNB certification was launched.


Fitting DGNB from the German version

All DGNB sustainability levels have been translated to Danish from the original German version and afterwards been fitted to the Danish building regulations and traditions. This fitting happened with help from technical groups where over 150 experts from the Danish building sector have contributed with their knowledge. The participants in the technical groups are specialists and come from public and private companies and institutions. The demand for participating is expertise in one of the areas that relates to the DGNB certification.


DGNB is open source

The recruitment of professionals for the fitting of manuals exists both via DK-GBC's own network and by open communication through our newsletter and website where people with relevant competences are encouraged to contact us. When the technical groups have finished their work, the DGNB criteria for the new DGNB sustainability levels are approved by the criteria committee in DK-GBC and hereafter it will be accessible for educated DGNB counselors and after six months it is published on dk-gbc.dk as open source accessible for everyone in PDF format.