Juliane Münch

DGNB Auditor


Hannemanns Allé 53

Tlf: 56408242
E-mail: jumu@ramboll.dk


  • Kontorbyggeri
  • Nye bygninger

I deliver consultancy services for COWI’s sustainability business and am certified DGNB Auditor, LEED AP, and Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP). My experience reaches from Denmark and Germany to Middle East and India. Amongst others I had the pleasure to be part of DGNB certifications in Hamburg Germany in 2009 before DGNB became defacto standard in Denmark. In Denmark I was part of the first technical groups and tested the first versions of DGNB on Danish buildings. Furthermore I was part of the BEC project “Bæredygtighedsevaluering af bygninger” (Sustainability evaluation of buildings). The target of this study was to gather knowledge about the evaluation and certification of sustainable buildings and reveal possibilities to introduce corresponding methods into the Danish Building branch in 2010.
I have been part of various DGNB certifications since 2010, as well as LEED certifications. In addition I have conducted GSAS certifications in the Gulf countries.